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Pakistan has reached the verge of complete poverty, shortage of gas even for cooking

Pakistan Anger against the government increased among the people for stopping the supply of fuel at petrol pumps amidst the increased fuel prices. It is being told that people have to wait for about an hour at petrol pumps.

Pakistan Drivers in Peshawar said that most of the petrol pumps in the city were closed. However, the sale of petrol continues at filling stations owned by Pakistan State Oil. Due to this, maximum crowd is being seen at these petrol pumps.

In a conversation with Dawn newspaper, a bike rider told that I had to wait for about half an hour to fill oil at GT Road petrol pump. Said that one has to wait for about 50 minutes at a filling station in Fakirabad area. At the same time, there is news of closure of petrol pumps on a large scale in Mansehra district due to shortage of petrol.

Pakistan The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa CNG Administration had closed all CNG stations in the provincial capital for a month on December 31 to ensure supply of natural gas to domestic consumers. According to media reports, the president of Sarhad Petroleum and Cartage Dealers Association claimed that CNG stations have been closed for a month, so the demand for petrol has increased. Because, earlier they all used CNG. Said that the oil companies have reduced the supply to the province, due to which many filling stations have been closed.

Pakistan There is a shortage of gas even for cooking in some major areas of many cities. The government, under its gas load management scheme, has allowed domestic consumers three hours of cooking time from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m., two hours from 12 noon to 2 p.m. and three hours from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in winter. Gas supply was promised. However, the ground reality tells something else.

in the midst of a severe economic crisis Pakistan The government is considering several proposals, including cutting the salaries of employees of all departments by ten percent. This information was given in a media report released on Wednesday. Pakistan is grappling with the biggest economic crisis in recent years after dwindling foreign exchange reserves. According to Geo News, the National Economy Committee constituted by PM Shahbaz Sharif is considering various proposals, including reducing the salary of government employees of all departments by 10 percent.

Pakistan It has reached the verge of being completely bankrupt. The public has become dependent on food and drink. The prices of food items are skyrocketing. The situation has become such that Pakistan is looking for help to improve its economic condition with a bowl. Meanwhile, news is coming that Pakistan is preparing to drastically cut the salaries of its government employees.

Employees allege that they are not getting salary on time. Railway employees protested in the past for salary. They allege that they are not being given salary. Railway employees also threatened to go on strike. The situation has become such that the trains are not being operated properly.

Inflation has broken all records in Pakistan. Every china has become expensive in India’s neighboring country. The government has increased the prices of flour, sugar and ghee by 25 to 26 percent. Due to which the price of flour in Pakistan has crossed 150 rupees.

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