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China Xinjiang Uyghur Muslim Camp Change In To Jail

China Uyghur Muslim: Uyghur Muslims are tortured a lot in China. The Chinese government has put strict restrictions on them in many ways. They do not have the right to offer Namaz, nor can they keep beard according to religion. Recently, a former Chinese Uyghur Muslim gave an interview in a US based magazine. He informed that many Uygar Muslim camps have been converted into prisons in Xinjiang, China. After this, the Uygar Muslims living there are being punished severely.

According to the report of the Ministry of External Affairs, people imprisoned in many caps are forcibly sent from there to work in factories. The families of some Uighur Muslims were released, but they are still under house arrest. Due to poverty in China, thousands of Uyghur Muslims have been sent from the village to the factory, where they are doing bonded labour.

Protest against Uygar Muslims in China
The Communist Party of China (CCP) ruled government opposes Uyghur Muslims. They do not have the freedom to work according to their religion. They cannot bury their killed people, nor can they wear caps. The Chinese government demolished the mosques, temples and cemeteries present there.

There was a war-like situation in Xinjiang
According to foreign media reports, there was a war-like situation in West Xinjiang. Now there has been a decrease in the patrolling of the army. This became possible because the Chinese government has started monitoring Uyghur Muslims digitally. The government has been monitoring people with the help of modern technology including mobile phones, face recognition, biometric databases, QR codes and geo-locators containing population information.

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