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Love Beyond Gender: Sohail became Sana filed a petition in the court, Sonal’s behavior changed as soon as she got a job

Love Beyond Gender, The two friends first became friends with each other and then entered into a relationship. Now both the girls have accused each other of cheating. Sonal lived with her parents. The posting of Sana, a government employee, took place in Jhansi in 2016. Sana was in need of a house, so Sonal’s family had kept her as a paying guest in their house.

In the year 2016, Sana was posted in Jhansi. Sana needed a house, so Sonal’s family gave her a place to stay on the top floor of their house. Within four months, a deep friendship developed between Sana and Sonal. Both fell in love with each other and both started living in a relationship with each other. As soon as Sonal’s parents came to know about their daughter’s relationship with a woman, they asked Sana to move out of the house.

Sonal’s family did not approve of their love in this way. After a year he was allotted government quarters and decided to move out. According to Sana, she moved to her government quarters on 10 August 2017. But both could not stay away from each other. Her family members started getting angry with Sonal. Four days after Sana’s departure, Sonal also went to live with Sana. As time passed, their love grew.

Sonal convinces Sana to undergo sex-change surgery. Both of them visited Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi for this. Where doctors did Sana’s medical checkup and said that Sana’s gender will be changed. After Sana changed her gender, on June 22, 2020, after surgery, Sana officially changed her name to Sohail Khan. Sana claimed that during her hospitalization for gender change, Sonal signed all the medical documents as Sohail Khan’s wife.

When Sohail opposes this, Sonal says that she is in love with Gyan and wants to be with him. When things went wrong, while Sonal approached the police, Sana filed a petition in the court.

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