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The Supreme Court on Friday refused to hear the application in which it was requested to issue a direction to the President to inaugurate the new Parliament House on May 28. Two vacation judges JK Maheshwari and PS Narasimha said they knew why and how the petition was filed. After the court’s refusal, the petitioner withdrew his application. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the new Parliament House on May 28. 20 opposition parties have announced to boycott the ceremony, while on the other hand 25 parties have said that their representatives will attend the ceremony. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh appealed to the opposition to withdraw its decision of boycott as the new Parliament House is a symbol of Indian democracy and the expectations of all countrymen. Regarding the controversy that has been created regarding the new Parliament House, I want to say three things clearly. Firstly, it was necessary to replace the present Parliament House, this was said by the two Speakers of the Lok Sabha, Meira Kumar and Shivraj Patil. Modi understood this and got a new state-of-the-art Parliament building built in record time. This in itself is nothing less than a miracle.

Secondly, Parliament House comes under the jurisdiction of Lok Sabha Speaker, Lok Sabha is formed by the direct vote of the people, it is a symbol of the sentiments of the people. Speaker Om Birla invited the Prime Minister to inaugurate, there is nothing wrong in it. Is. In the parliamentary system, maximum powers have been given to the Prime Minister. So can’t the Prime Minister inaugurate a building? Thirdly, there is no question of insulting the President in this. How can it be disrespectful to the President to call the Prime Minister? It is not that the leaders of the opposition parties do not understand these things, they all know, but elections are round the corner. Most of the leaders of the opposition parties are upset with Modi, they are also helpless in front of Modi. In personal conversation everyone believes that Modi will win again in 2024. This is the source of the trouble. Everyone is trying to tarnish Modi’s image in some way, call Modi anti-Dalit-Tribal, call him friend of the rich, call him the killer of democracy, maybe something will stick. In the world’s largest, most vibrant democracy, if someone says that democracy is dead in the country, then what can be said about his ignorance? This is the culmination of hatred towards Modi, it is fatal for a healthy democracy. The best thing I liked about former Prime Minister Deve Gowda. Deve Gowda’s party JDS is also in opposition. It is against the NDA, it is against Narendra Modi, but Deve Gowda said that the new Parliament building that has been built is not a BJP office, which should be opposed or inaugurated by boycott. The new Parliament House does not belong to the BJP, but to the whole country, so everyone should participate in its inauguration, their party will be a part of it. Deve Gowda also expressed his opposition to BJP and also respected democratic traditions. This should happen in a democracy, but Congress and other parties standing with it will not be able to do this, because their aim is not to respect the President, but to oppose Modi. He hates Narendra Modi so much that he can go to any extent. Sometimes it seems that the Congress really considers the post of Prime Minister as its heritage, its property, someone else sits on that chair, this one family does not like it.

Will Rahul Gandhi become the PM candidate of the opposition?

Congress seems to be in a hurry to somehow Rahul Gandhi should be declared as the contender for the post of prime minister. It started on Thursday. Congress MP Manickam Tagore has said that this is the right time when Rahul Gandhi should be declared as the prime ministerial candidate from the opposition. are ahead. To prove his point, Manickam Tagore cited the CSDS survey. He said that the Congress did not declare Rahul Gandhi as the PM candidate, but still in the CSDS survey, 27 percent people want to see him as the PM candidate. Manickam Tagore said, we should understand this because the new generation is below 30 years of age, they now want a choice regarding the PM candidate, in 2019 we made a mistake by not projecting anyone as the PM candidate. Manickam Tagore said that Mamta Banerjee is liked by only 4 percent people as PM candidate, and Narendra Modi is liked by 41 percent people. Rahul is liked by 27% people, there is only 14% difference in this, if Rahul Gandhi is declared as the PM candidate, then this difference can be reduced. Maharashtra Congress President Nana Patole supported Manickam Tagore’s talk. Nana Patole said that BJP tried hard to tarnish the image of Rahul Gandhi but it did not succeed, on the contrary, Rahul Gandhi’s popularity has increased, so there should be no problem in declaring him as the PM candidate.

The parties involved in the anti-Modi front did not pay any attention to such rhetoric from the Congress. NCP President Sharad Pawar said that at the moment all these things have no meaning because now the focus is on bringing all the opposition parties together on one platform against the BJP, first a consensus is reached on the face of the Prime Minister’s post. Who will be, that is a later matter. The leaders of the opposition parties may be a little uncomfortable with this rant left by the Congress, but the leaders of the BJP are happy with it. BJP leaders say that if this wish of Congress is fulfilled, then nothing will be better for BJP in 2024, because on one side there will be the face of Narendra Modi, on the other side of Rahul Gandhi. Then people will not have any problem in taking decision. The funny thing is that BJP leaders are quoting old statements of Mamta Banerjee and Sharad Pawar to prove their point right, because both these leaders had said that Rahul Gandhi does not have the maturity that Rahul Gandhi has. There is no such acceptance. Modi’s competition under Rahul’s leadership is impossible but Sharad Pawar When asked about Rahul Gandhi’s candidature, he avoided it because Arvind Kejriwal was sitting next to him, who had come to seek Pawar’s support in his campaign against the Centre’s ordinance on Delhi. ,Rajat Sharma,

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