Passenger got heart attack in flight coming from Japan, Chandigarh doctor saved his life like this

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Surgeon saved life of co-passenger

A senior cardiovascular surgeon from Punjab’s Chandigarh on Friday saved the life of a co-passenger who had suffered a heart attack while on a flight from Japan. The incident happened in an Air India flight coming from Tokyo to Delhi. On the advice of a cardiologist, the flight was diverted to Kolkata, where the patient was taken to the hospital and his life was saved.

“Staying alive for 5 hours was tough”

However, before this it took 5 hours of struggle to save the patient with the help of the crew. Surgeon Deepak Puri said on arrival in New Delhi, “We were not sure if we could get help if the flight was diverted to China, so keeping the patient alive for 5 hours with the limited medical resources available on the flight was a difficult task.” “

“The nearest destination was Kolkata, five hours away”

He said that it is heartening that this could be achieved with the cooperation of the Captain and crew of AI 307. “I performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation and saved him when the patient had a heart attack, but we were over seas and the nearest destination was Kolkata, five hours away, so it took us five hours to stabilize him with minimal resources,” Puri explained. Keeping up was a challenging task.”

Arrangement of special permission for landing in Kolkata

The airlines arranged special permission for landing in Kolkata and on landing arranged an ambulance to take him to the nearest cardiac hospital and was able to shift the patient safely. An emotional Puri said that all the passengers and crew members appreciated me very much, tears welled up in my eyes.

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