There was an outcry in the country from Parliament to stock market, so many crores of rupees of investors drowned in a single day

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Photo: File Outcry in the country from Parliament to stock market

Share Market News Today: On Wednesday, when the US Federal Reserve increased the Fed rate by 25 basis points on Wednesday, it was understood that the condition of the stock market would worsen today. After this change, today is the second day when the stock market is witnessing a decline. The Sensex fell 398 points to 57,527, while the Nifty also fell 135 points to 17,818. The Fed report is expected to have an impact on the market next week as well. The Indian stock market has fallen more than 3,000 points in the last 1 month. Even in future, the situation seems to be of loss only. Let me tell you, Rahul Gandhi’s membership has been canceled from the Parliament today itself.

Markets closed sharply on Wednesday

Earlier on Wednesday, the markets closed with a steady rise. The 30-share BSE Sensex closed at 58,214.59, up 139.91 points, or 0.24 percent. It had jumped up to 344.1 points at one stage during the trade. Of the 30 Sensex stocks, 18 ended in profit. The 50-share National Stock Exchange’s Nifty also closed at 17,151.90 with a gain of 44.40 points, or 0.26 percent.

The US Federal Reserve announced late on Wednesday night

The US Federal Reserve raised the Fed rate by 25 basis points on Wednesday. Since this announcement, the interest rate has now increased from 4.75% to 5%. Experts were speculating that despite the recent bankruptcies of two banks in the US, there would be an increase in the Fed rate, so that inflation could be controlled. In the past one year, the US Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates almost every other month. This affects the bond yield in America. Its direct loss is falling on the banks there, which do most of their business in bonds only. It will also affect the Indian stock market. Now it will be very interesting to see how far the stock market goes down on Thursday.

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