If you also have a CNG car, never forget these 4 things in summer, you will not be a victim of an accident

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4 Ways to take care of your CNG car in summer: Due to the rising prices of petrol and diesel, CNG cars have become the first choice of middle class families. But the owners of CNG cars have to take extra care of them during the summer season. Otherwise, it does not take long for them to come under the grip of big accidents and accidents. Let us tell you some special tips to take care of CNG four wheeler in the summer season.

1. The amount of gas in the car

Experts say that 1-2 kg less gas should be put in CNG cars during the summer season. In summer, CNG tends to expand thermally inside the car. That’s why it would be better if you fill CNG in the car a little less than the full limit.

2. Parking in the Sun

Never park a CNG car in the sun in summer. Due to this, the cabin of the car gets very hot, which can give rise to some major danger. That’s why always park the CNG vehicle in a shady place. Especially you have to take special care of this in the afternoon, because at this time the strong rays coming out of the sun make the car cabin more hot. You can park your car in tin sheds or under the shade of trees.

3. Hydraulic Test

Hydraulic test of CNG cars should be done from time to time. If you have not got your car’s hydro test done for a long time, get it done immediately. Otherwise, this negligence can cost you a lot.

4. Tank Leakage

If there is leakage in the CNG tank of the car, get it serviced immediately. The problem of leakage in the tank can trigger major accidents or accidents. Actually when CNG leaks from the tank, it catches fire on getting a little spark. That’s why don’t be careless in this matter at all.

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