Know how many types of headlights are there, which one gives the most light

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Photo: CANVA Know the types of car headlights and which one gives the most light

Types of car headlights: When it is dark at night, people turn on the headlights while driving. Due to this, the vehicles coming from ahead and the people walking on the road are easily visible. There is a possibility of accident if it gets damaged. Many times people install different lights to increase its light. Do you know how many types of car headlights are there? Here you are going to get information about all the lights. Do know which headlight emits maximum light.

halogen headlight

Most cars use halogen headlights. The biggest reason for this is that it is economical and it is very easy to use. These lights have a tungsten filament and halogen gas filled in a capsule. After turning it on, light is produced when current passes through tungsten. Halogen headlight light is yellow.

HID headlight

Unlike halogen headlights, there is no filament in HID headlights. Xenon gas is used in this. HID headlight is included in the category of CFL light. It is also called xenon lamp. If you compare HID headlight with halogen, then it is much better.

led headlight

After making DRL mandatory in cars, the demand for LED lights has also increased. In today’s time, only LED headlights are seen in most of the vehicles. It can be molded into any shape. Also it consumes less battery. The way people use LED at home, similarly they can easily use it in vehicles.

matrix headlight

Matrix headlight is an advanced version of LED light. Cameras are used in these. Due to this, the vehicles coming from ahead are easily visible. Avoiding high beam light using technology is very easy through this. After seeing the light of the vehicle coming from the front, the matrix headlight turns off or its light decreases. It is also called Adaptive LED.

laser headlight

Most of the light comes from the laser headlight itself. Laser headlights are seen in premium vehicles. Apart from this, apart from these lights, you can reduce the cost of buying a vehicle with a normal headlight. Compared to all headlights, its light is more and the price is also high. Due to the laser, drivers can see far away easily.

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