Follow these 5 tips and tricks to take care of clutch in car and increase its life

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Car tips and tricks: Clutch has a very important function in manual cars. Without this you cannot even move the car. In the initial phase, people pay a lot of attention to the clutch plate and pedal. Gradually, due to the lack of attention to it, the life of the clutch also decreases. Not only this, ignoring it directly affects the engine. If it is not used properly, one may have to spend thousands of rupees on the vehicle due to burning of the clutch plate. Follow these 5 easy tips and tricks to keep your vehicle fit and fine.

1. Do not drive the car by pressing the clutch

Many expert drivers also make a small mistake regarding the clutch. In fact, one should avoid driving by keeping one’s feet on it continuously. Using clutch like this reduces its life. Apart from this, due to repeated wear of the rubber present on the clutch pedal, people spend money to replace it. There is a danger of shrinking the plate by pressing it with more force while driving.

2. Can apply brakes even without clutch

Most people also depress the clutch to apply the brakes. You can easily stop the vehicle by just using the brake without pressing it. Not only this, pressing both the clutch and the brake simultaneously reduces the mileage of the vehicle. When needed, you can change gears by pressing the clutch. Do not forget to neutral when the speed of the vehicle is low or after stopping it.

3. How to use clutch at red light

The clutch plays a huge role in a manual car. To increase its life, it is necessary to pay attention to the clutch at the red light. Most of the people forget to stop the vehicles at the red light. Some people even intentionally keep it on. At this point you can put the vehicle in neutral. It is loosened by holding the clutch until the green signal appears.

4. How to use clutch in hilly areas

If you live in a hilly area or are going for a trip, then it is important to pay special attention to the clutch. While climbing, some people use both clutch and brake to reduce the speed of the vehicle. Not only this, some people simultaneously press the accelerator as well. It directly affects the engine. There is a possibility of burning the clutch plate due to the heating of the vehicle.

5. Use clutch only when needed

The clutch is needed a lot on congested roads. Using it wisely, you can extend the life of the clutch even more. Use it only when you need it. Unnecessarily pressing this reduces its age. Never try to depress both the clutch and the accelerator at the same time.

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