Why Google Glas fell in the market even after hi-tech features, know its flop story

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Photo:File photo The company has given premium class features in these glasses which are found in smartphones.

Why Google Glass Failed: The story of Google Glass started around 2013 when the trend of smartphones was increasing rapidly. At the same time Google introduced Google Glass in the market. At that time everyone was surprised to see this glass concept of Google and everyone started feeling that this technology will change the whole world. This was because Google had given many such features in Google Glass, which was difficult to imagine at that time.

Actually Google’s Google Glass was just like a normal glasses. But its features were unique. It was such a spectacle that you could even click photos. Despite having hi-tech and impressive features, this glass could not get as much progress as the company expected and now after about 10 years, Google has discontinued this glass. Google announced its closure and told that after September 15, the software support of Google Glass will also be discontinued.

Screen support for reading messages

Let us tell you that Google Glass looked like a normal glass from a distance, but it was full of tech features. This glass can be connected to the computer via Bluetooth and there is also a small screen in its right hand side glass so that the message coming to your smartphone can be read. Not only this, if there is a call coming in your smartphone, then its information also comes in the screen.

Weather updates and traffic information as well

Weather and traffic information can also be found in the screen on Google Glass. Not only this, this glass also gives you weather updates. A small camera is given in the corner of the glasses which can click photos and also make videos. With this camera you can record whatever you see in front of you. Along with this, you also get the support of mic and speaker in this Google Glass so that you can make phone calls comfortably.

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