WTC Points Table: If Team India loses, then the equation of the final

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Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul

ICC World Test Championship Points Table : Team India’s path to the final of the ICC World Test Championship seems to be getting difficult now. Somewhere, only after winning the third Test, the chair of the WTC final was to be confirmed and the clouds of crisis were about to deepen on Australia, but Australia turned the whole game by winning the third match. Australia has not only secured their seat in the final but has also added to the woes of Team India. The last match will now be of Karo Ya Maro, which is going to start from March 9 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. But before the match starts, you should also know that after losing the last match, will Team India be out of the WTC final race or will there be any way out.

Rohit Sharma

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Rohit Sharma

Team India will have to win the Ahmedabad test at any cost.

First of all, let’s look at the points table of the ICC World Test Championship, on which Australia’s team remains number one. Australia currently have 148 points in the WTC points table with a winning percentage of 68.52. At the same time, Team India currently has 123 points and the winning percentage of the Indian team is 60.29. At number three is the Sri Lankan team, which has 64 points and a winning percentage of 53.33. Although the Australia team has reached the final and Team India is also the strongest contender to go to the final, but even after this the Sri Lankan team remains in the race. Now let’s understand what are the equations in the coming matches. If Team India wins the last match to be held in Ahmedabad, then the line-up of the final will be decided, ie there will be a title match between India and Australia. But if there is a defeat, then the Indian team will not have to be out, but will definitely have to wait for the Test match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand. It is necessary for Sri Lanka to win both their test matches. Sri Lanka’s journey will end with the defeat and the draw match will also serve to end Sri Lanka’s hopes somewhere.

If Team India loses, Sri Lanka will have to lose both their matches, only then it will be settled
If Team India loses the next match, then its winning percentage will remain around 60.29, while the winning percentage of Sri Lankan team, which is currently 53.33, will move ahead with the victory. However, if the result of India vs Australia 4th Test is a draw, then the series will be captured by Team India by 2.1, as well as the chances of going to the final will be more alive. But if Team India manages to win the last match, then no matter what the Sri Lankan team does, they will not be able to make it to the finals. That is, the equations that are visible so far say that there will be a clash between India and Australia in the final to be held from June 7, but until the result of the match is out, it is not possible to say anything. It has to be seen how Team India performs in the last match.

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