WiFi Router Electricity Bill: Wi-Fi router runs day and night, know how much load it puts on electricity bill, you will be surprised

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Photo:File photo If your router is away from your device, then it also puts pressure on the router.

How Much Electricity Consume Wi-Fi Router : Internet use has increased a lot since the corona virus epidemic. In the Work From Home culture, people had to do office work from home as well, in such a situation where earlier people used to do internet work from phone, they had to take WIFI connection at home. Have you ever thought that the router (WIFI Router) which remains on for 24 hours, how much electricity it consumes and how much burden it increases on the electricity bill. If you are also unaware of this, then today let us tell you how much internet routers increase your electricity bill and how much electricity consumption increases due to this.

Let us tell you that no router consumes as much electricity as our other home appliances like fridge, cooler, AC, fans consume. Still, it is very important for you to be aware of how much power the router consumes.

The power consumption of any WiFi router depends on its specs and how it is being used. Usually, Wi-Fi routers installed at home are of 5 to 20 watts only. Most home Wi-Fi routers use around 2 Amps.

consumes so much electricity

Normal use Wi-Fi routers at home are connected to 120 volt outlets and consume 5 to 7 volts of power in their working. If you run the Wi-Fi router for 24 hours, it will run for a total of 730 hours in a month. In this way a Wi-Fi router will consume a total of 7300 KW of electricity in a month.

Calculate the total cost of electricity like this

Now you can know the total expenditure by multiplying it by the rate of the electricity unit in the state where you live. If your state charges Rs 9 per unit, then you get 7.3kw X9 = Rs 65. This means that if you keep a router running continuously for the whole year, you will have to pay an electricity bill of about 1000 rupees for it.

This is how you can save electricity

  1. If you have a Wi-Fi connection at home, then limit the time of its use. You can turn off the router at night.
  2. More devices connected also increases the pressure on the router and it also consumes more power. So keep limited devices connected only.
  3. When you feel that there is not much need during the day, then you can switch it off.
  4. If you have only one device, instead of wireless, you can use the Internet through a LAN connection.
  5. To avoid overloading the Wi-Fi, sit where the router is placed and work. Due to less wrench, the connection will also be better and its performance will also be good.

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