MT1 satellite will land on Earth tomorrow, know why re-entry is very challenging

MT1 satellite to be re-entered in Pacific Ocean - India TV Hindi

MT1 satellite will be re-entry in the Pacific Ocean

The Indian space agency, along with the French space agency CNES, will bring its defunct satellite Megha-Tropiques-1 (MT1) to Earth in a controlled manner on Tuesday. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) said that the satellite will fall in an uninhabited place in the Pacific Ocean. According to ISRO, it is all set to bring down an Earth orbiting satellite named Megha-Tropiques-1 on March 7.

The life of the satellite was only three years.

MT1 was launched on October 12, 2011 as a joint satellite venture of ISRO and the French space agency, CNES, for tropical weather and climate studies. Although the satellite originally had a life of three years, it continued to provide vital data for more than a decade until 2021 with respect to regional and global climate models.

MT1’s 100 Year Orbital Lifetime
The orbital lighttime of MT1, weighing about 1,000 kg, could have been over 100 years in a 20┬░inclined operational orbit at an altitude of 867 km. It had about 125 kg of on-board fuel unusable at the end of its mission which could pose a risk for an accidental break-up. So it needs to be brought down very carefully.

Why MT1 re-entry is extremely challenging
ISRO said, aero-thermal simulations suggest that any major piece of the satellites is unlikely to survive aerothermal heating during re-entry. Deorbiting is done at a very low altitude in a controlled re-entry to ensure impact within the targeted safe zone. However, MT1 was not designed for EOL (End of Life) operations via controlled re-entry, making the entire mission extremely challenging.

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