Conspiracy to throw Meerut into riots before Holi failed, police handled the matter in time

Conspiracy to throw Meerut into riots before Holi failed - India TV Hindi

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Conspiracy to throw Meerut into riots before Holi failed

Meerut: On Sunday night, in Hari Nagar area of ​​Brahmpuri police station area of ​​Meerut, people of Hindu religion were doing decoration work in the area after collecting wood for Holika Dahan, when suddenly the atmosphere got hot. The Hindu side alleged that the boys of the Muslim side used abusive words while asking for donations, saying, “You don’t beg for donations.” The Hindu side alleged that he said take alms from us too and become a Muslim. In the midst of this dispute, a fight started between the two communities on Sunday night, which soon turned into stone pelting and then into an attack with glass bottles. On the spot, the local police and the paramilitary force managed to pacify both the parties in the night itself.

Police registered two FIRs

Meerut police have registered two FIRs in this case, the first FIR has been done on the complaint of a person named Kapil Gupta, who runs a shop in the area, in which he has registered a nominated FIR against 41 people of the Muslim community, in which the councilor of the area Shahzad The names of Mewati’s sons and relatives are also included. In the FIR, Kapil has alleged that Muslim people kicked the sticks of Holika, said to kill them by dousing them with petrol, and entered the houses and fought with weapons. On this complaint, the police have registered a case under IPC sections 307, 343, 506, 509 and several other sections and arrested Furkan and another accused.

So, on the complaint of Brahnpuri outpost incharge, an FIR has been registered against 14 people, in which the names of people from both the Hindu and Muslim sides are named, who were seen pelting stones by the police. has been started.

Stone pelting in Muslim majority area

Let us tell you that this area is a Muslim-majority area, here the number of Hindus is around 900 and the number of Muslims is around 4000, Hindus allege that they are assaulted and molested with women, so they have to slowly migrate from here. being forced to.

These are the arguments of the Muslim class

We spoke to the sister and sister-in-law of Councilor Shahzad Mewati, the councilor of the area whose family is accused of assault. They accused the complainant Kapil and others at the shop of the Chowk, saying that the talk of kicking Holika and disturbing the festival of Hindus is baseless. Accused of assaulting his son after drinking alcohol. Make it clear here that councilor Shahzad was not present in Mewati area at the time of the incident, this quarrel happened with his family members.

The accused were drunk – Meerut SP

We have also talked to the SP City of Meerut, they say that there was a fight between both the drunken parties, two main accused have been arrested and after investigation whether there was any conspiracy in Meerut before Holi, what is the real reason behind it. Will be able to clear after investigation. At present, flag march is being done in the area and security has been increased.

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