Never do these 7 mistakes with your smartphone, your device may explode

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Photo:File photo Never talk on the phone while charging.

Smartphone Battery Explodes Reason: There have been many cases of blast in the battery of the smartphone. The latest case is from Ujjain where the news of death of a person came to light due to blast in the smartphone battery during charging. There can be many reasons for the blast in the smartphone. Many times this happens due to the problem in the smartphone itself, and sometimes due to the mistake of the users, there is a blast. It is not necessary to be blasted by smartphone problem every time. We make such mistakes while using the phone, which has a negative impact on the battery and due to this, the possibility of blast in the battery increases significantly.

Tech experts also believe that the major reasons for the blast in the battery of the smartphone include the way users use the phone. Today we are going to tell you that if you are a smartphone user, then what are the things you should keep in mind to reduce the risk of battery blast and also know the reasons due to which the battery of the phone may explode. ..

  1. Smartphone should never be put on charging overnight. If you do this, then change this habit today itself. Over charging increases the risk of battery blast manifold.

  2. Charge your phone only with the charger that was found in the phone box. The phone should never be charged with a local or other brand charger.
  3. While taking the charger for the smartphone, do take information about its voltage and current.
  4. Never play games or watch movies with your phone on charging. Many people also make calls by putting the phone on charging, stop this habit also. Playing games or watching movies during charging puts more pressure on the battery.
  5. If there is any problem in the hardware of your phone, then get it fixed immediately. The risk of blast also increases due to hardware problems.
  6. If your phone’s battery is swollen, it means that it is damaged, in such a situation, putting it on charging increases the risk of blast and catching fire.
  7. Due to not updating the phone for several months, the working power of the processor starts decreasing and this affects the battery. That’s why the smartphone should be updated from time to time.

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