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road transport And the highest number of 460 projects are pending in the highways sector. After this, 117 projects of railways and 90 projects in petroleum sector are running late. This information has been received from a government report. According to the January 2023 report on infrastructure sector projects, 460 out of 749 projects in the road transport and highways sector are delayed. 117 out of 173 railway projects are running behind schedule. At the same time, 90 out of 152 projects in the petroleum sector are running behind schedule. The Infrastructure and Project Monitoring Division (IPMD) monitors Central Sector Projects costing more than Rs 150 crore. IPMD comes under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation.

Munirabad-Mahbubnagar rail project most delayed

The report shows that Munirabad-Mahbubnagar rail project is the most delayed project. It is 276 months behind schedule. The second most delayed project is the Udhampur-Srinagar-Barapula rail project. There is a delay of 247 months in this. In addition, the Belapur-Seawood Urban Electrification Double Line Project is 228 months behind schedule. The January 2023 report details 1,454 central sector projects with a cost of Rs 150 crore or more. As per the report, 871 projects are behind their original schedule. At the same time, there are 272 projects in which the period of delay has increased further as compared to the previous month. Out of these 272 projects, 59 are mega projects i.e. projects of more than Rs 1,000 crore.

Cost increased by more than 40 thousand crores

Regarding the road transport and highways sector, the report said that the original cost of implementation of 749 projects was Rs 4,09,053.84 crore, which is now estimated to increase to Rs 4,27,518.41 crore. Thus, the cost of these projects is estimated to increase by 4.5 percent. Till January 2023, Rs 2,34,935.32 crore has been spent on these projects, which is 55 per cent of the original cost. Similarly, the original cost of implementation of 173 projects in the railway sector was Rs 3,72,761.45 crore, which was later revised to Rs 6,26,632.52 crore. In this way their cost has increased by 68.1 percent. Rs 3,72,172.64 crore or 59.4 per cent of the estimated cost of the projects has been spent on these projects till January 2023.

Petroleum sector projects also stuck

The original cost of implementation of 152 projects in the petroleum sector was Rs 3,78,090.07 crore, but was later increased to Rs 3,96,608.48 crore. The cost of these projects increased by 4.9 per cent. Till January 2023, Rs 1,49,364.38 crore or 37.7 per cent of their estimated cost has been spent on these projects.

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