Islamic State terrorists are active in South India, ISKP’s big disclosure

Islamic State made a big disclosure - India TV Hindi

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Islamic State made a big disclosure

Four months after the Coimbatore blast and almost three months after the Mangaluru blast, the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP), through its mouthpiece “Voice of Khorasan” magazine, has admitted that its terrorists are present in South India and that the attacks took place last year. Involved in these two blast incidents. ISKP’s Al-Azzam Media Foundation has released a 68-page long issue of the Voice of Khorasan propaganda magazine in English language. While the article did not specify in which southern state Islamic State’s ‘Mujahideen’ are active, experts say they may be most active in Kerala and spread across parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Can

Wires linked to Coimbatore and Mangaluru blasts

Islamic State Khorasan wrote in it that the car blast in Coimbatore on October 23 last year and the pressure cooker explosion in an autorickshaw in Mangaluru on November 19 were carried out by IS-affiliated terrorists. It further read, “Do you not believe our attacks in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, where our brothers took revenge for the honor of our religion and terrorized the infidels and their followers?”

Appeal to avenge Kashmir, Babri and Gujarat riots

The Islamic State Khorasan article comes at a time when the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has searched more than 60 places in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka for suspected IS links about two weeks ago. Once again, the ISKP, in its latest magazine article, has spewed venom against Hindus, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Indian Army, inciting its mujahideen in South India to wage war against them. ISKP also demanded revenge from Hindus for Kashmir, Babri Masjid and Gujarat riots in this article on India. The article said, “Your crime has crossed all limits, and your hatred towards Islam and its people is seen in words and actions.”

Told tumor cell to Pakistan

The ISKP Magazine article further read, “Your peace will turn into chaos, your security into fear, and your joy into sorrow, and by Allah’s will, there will be no security or peace for any infidel, unless you alone Do not worship Allah.” A dedicated article in the magazine has also written about incidents of Chinese surveillance balloons in US airspace mocking both the countries. Continuing its campaign against Pakistan and its religious scholars, the mouthpiece of the Islamic State termed Shahbaz Sharif’s country (Pakistan) as a “tumor cell in the body of the Islamic Ummah”.

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