Be alert if you have an account in HDFC, this message can empty your account

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Photo:File photo There is a need to be careful while making online payments.

HDFC Bank Fraud Message: Now most of our work related to money and money is being done online. We have got convenience due to things going digital, but many kinds of dangers have also arisen from it. New cases of scam keep coming to the fore. That’s why we need to be very careful. Scammers steal money from accounts by scaring people in various ways. Cases of banking fraud have also increased rapidly, it is necessary to remain alert. If your account is in HDFC Bank then you need to be even more careful.

The cases of cheating through SMS have also increased in the last few months. According to media reports, the account holders of HDFC Bank are currently receiving a phishing SMS and as soon as customers click on this message, money is withdrawn from their account. Meanwhile, a user posted on Twitter that he was asked to update KYC through a message.

This message is reaching the users

It was written in this SMS- “Dear customer your HDFC account will be hold today please update your KYC immediately click here”.

The bank replied

This tweet was replied by HDFC and it was said that no such message is being sent by HDFC and users should not click on such messages or reply to such messages. If the bank sends any message, it will always send it from its official account.

On this tweet, the bank wrote that the bank never asks you for OTP, UPI PIN, customer ID, banking details, ATM information or any kind of password in the message.

How to avoid fraud SMS

  1. Never share your OTP, ATM details or bank details over SMS.
  2. If you use UPE, keep a strong password.
  3. Keep changing internet banking and mobile phone passwords from time to time.
  4. Do contact the bank before responding to the message on which there is doubt.
  5. Keep two-step authentication activated in your online banking, which will require a password to be entered whenever someone accesses the account.
  6. Never click on a link in a message.

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