Two minor sons of Mafia Atiq Ahmed were detected, police sent to Child Protection Home

Atiq Ahmed, file photo- India TV Hindi

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Atiq Ahmed, file photo

Prayagraj: There is news of UP’s Bahubali leader and former MP Atiq Ahmed’s two sons being admitted to a child reform home. According to the information received from the police, both were found in suspicious condition and both are minors, so both have been taken into custody and kept in a child reform home.

Asad, the son of mafia Atiq Ahmed, accused of killing Umesh Pal, has not been found by the police, but the police have found Atiq’s two minor sons. The police have sent both of them to the Child Protection Home in Khuldabad, Prayagraj.

Both the sons of Atiq have been sent to the Child Improvement Home in Khuldabad. According to the information, both the sons were found by the police team while walking in the Chakia area. Being minors, both have been sent to the juvenile home.

In fact, Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen had filed an application in the Chief Judicial Magistrate Court of Prayagraj saying that the Dhumanganj police had taken away both her minor sons on the night of February 24 and the sons could not be traced. The court had sought response from the police on Shaista’s application.

In response, the police had said that Atiq’s minor son is not with the police. In the reply sent to the court, the police has written that Shaista Parveen is accused of killing Umesh Pal and Parveen had left her house after the murder, both minors. The boys were strolling in the Chakia area and on March 2, the police have admitted both these minor sons of Atiq to the Child Protection Home.

Atiq Ahmed has five sons. Umar is the eldest son, who is lodged in Lucknow Jail. On the second number is Ali Ahmed who is in Naini Jail. Asad is on the third number. Atiq’s two sons are in jail, one is absconding and two sons have reached Child Protection Home.

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