ICC Rankings: Team India’s dream will remain incomplete!

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ICC Test Rankings Update: Team India has lost the Indore Test, but even after this the chances of going to the final of WTC are still alive. If the Indian team wins the fourth and last Test of the series to be held in Ahmedabad, then its entry into the final will be very easy, while even if the match ends in a draw, the road to the final will not be closed and the team will move forward. But if Team India loses the match like Indore, then the matter will get stuck in if and but. After this, the Indian team will have to wait for the Test series to be held between Sri Lanka and New Zealand and the result of this series will decide the fate of the Indian team. But in the meantime, attention has to be paid to the fact that the work for which Team India has been working for a long time and has reached the very tip of the point, it will not be able to achieve it even after winning the Ahmedabad Test, the figures tell this for the time being. have been Let’s take a look at this.

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Team India is number one in ODI and T20 in ICC rankings

In fact, the Indian team is currently number one in the ICC ODI and T20 rankings. But the number two position after Australia in Tests is firmly entrenched. When this series was starting, at that time it was expected that if Team India wins the first two matches, then it will become number one by leaving Australia. But even after winning the second Test, Team India missed out on becoming number one. However, it is also worth noting here that the players’ rankings were updated by the ICC on Wednesday, but there was no change in the team rankings. The second match of the series between Team India and Australia took place from 17 to 21 February. Although the match did not take place over five days and ended on 19 February in three days starting from 17, but the update in the ICC team rankings did not happen after 15 February. That means Australia is still seen at number one and Team India at number two. That is, even after winning the second match, the Indian team would have become number one, so the ICC has not given any update regarding this on its website.

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Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli

It will be difficult for Team India to become number one in Test rankings
Now let’s talk about the future. If Team India would have won the number one position by winning the second match played in Delhi, then it would have lost it by losing the third match played in Indore. After this, even if Team India wins the Ahmedabad match, then they will enter the final of the ICC World Test Championship, but there is some doubt whether they will be able to become number one in Tests or not. But in the meantime you should also know that there is a difference of ratings and points between India and Australia. The last update time is February 15, which we already mentioned and by that time Australia has 3,668 points and a rating of 126. And Team India’s score is 3,690. That is, in terms of points, the Indian team was ahead even at that time, but the rating of the Indian team is low, which was only 115 till that time, that is why Australia is number one and Team India is number two. The fourth match of the series will start from March 9 i.e. Thursday, if the ICC releases the updated team rankings before that, then it will be clear where Team India stands and what will be the impact of the result after the Ahmedabad Test. But for that one has to wait for a few days.

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