What are constant and target maturity funds, which one is better? Know their benefits

Benefits of constant and target maturity funds - India TV Paisa
Photo: CANVA Advantages of Constant and Target Maturity Funds

Constant and Target Maturity Funds: People increase the amount further by investing in funds and shares. It is very difficult to decide whether to invest for a long term or make a target and invest accordingly on a month or year basis. Are you also thinking of investing in constant and target maturity funds? Investing without knowing the difference between the two and which one is better can lead to losses. What are its benefits and who is better among them, here we will try to understand all these important information in simple words, so that we can get better benefits of investment.

Constant Maturity Fund

There is a lot of difference between target maturity fund and constant maturity fund. In a way, both of them are considered almost complementary to each other. If investing in it for 10 years, keeping one goal in mind, wait till it matures. This happens by combining several government bonds. Not only this, it is also important to pay attention to when you have invested. These include interest rate risk. Any change in the interest rate can have a direct effect on the bond.

Target Maturity Fund

Target Maturity Fund is considered to be a profitable deal as compared to Constant Maturity Fund. After investing in it, the interest rate is not risky. Due to the change in the interest rate, its effect is not directly visible on the bond. After it matures, both the principal amount and the interest rate can be taken together. This is the reason why people trust target maturity funds more than constants.

What are the advantages of Constant Maturity Fund

While investing in Constant Maturity Fund, people make profits by investing in it by looking at the budget according to the year. Even though it carries interest rate risk, people can invest in it and withdraw both interest and principal amount in time. On the other hand, if we talk about who is better between these two, then according to the amount people are going to invest, they can decide who is better. Before investing in it, take advice from trained people once.

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