Electric scooter with 100 KM range launched, can book for Rs 2999

Important information to Rider Supermax Scooter - India TV Paisa
Photo:Zomopai Preparing to buy an electric scooter, know about this great scooter

In the coming time, we are all going to ride on electric vehicles only. In such a situation, the companies are also keeping this in mind very well. Every day some or the other luxurious electric vehicles are entered in the vehicle market, where the companies are taking care of the needs of the customers very well. Let us tell you that such a great electric scooter has been launched by the Gemopai company, where the company claims that the Rider Supermax Scooter will give a range of 100 KM. Today we are going to give you many important information related to Rider Supermax Scooter.

This is the specialty of Rider Supermax Scooter

Rider Supermax Scooter has been introduced with features like anti theft alarm, live tracking, along with it has been launched in 6 color options, where you can get it Blazing Red, Electric Blue, Sparkling White, Graphite Grey, Fluorescent Yellow and Jazzy. Can buy in Neon color option. Along with this, a 1.8 kW portable battery has been given in the Rider Supermax Scooter, which is similar to the AIS-156. On the other hand, the company claims that once the battery is fully charged, the Rider Supermax Scooter will give a range of 100 km.

This is the price of Rider Supermax Scooter, you can book for this much

The starting price of Rider Supermax Scooter is Rs 79,990 ex-showroom, while the booking of this scooter will start from March 10, 2023, where you will be able to book it for just Rs 29,99. At the same time, you will be able to book it only through the official website of Gemopai.

These features are also present in Rider Supermax Scooter

Rider Supermax Scooter can be connected to the smartphone with an app called Gemopai Connect, where you will get information like scooter battery, service reminder, speed alert through this app. While the Rider Supermax Scooter has disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear, its sales will be started by the company from March 10.

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