‘Broken hand’ in all the three states, why is Congress in such a bad condition in the North East?

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New Delhi: The victory of BJP in the North East is the result of the long-term strategy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When Modi became the Prime Minister of the country, at that time there was no BJP government in any state of the North East. Once in 2003, the BJP government was formed in Arunachal Pradesh for some time, but after that BJP did not have much existence in the Northeast. When Modi became the Prime Minister in 2014, he focused on the North East. Efforts started to connect North East with the mainstream of the country. As a result, the first BJP government was formed in Assam, the largest state of the Northeast.

BJP government in 6 out of 8 states of North East

After this BJP won again in Assam and now Tripura In this also BJP has registered victory again. At present, BJP and its allies have government in six of the eight states of the Northeast. Firstly, BJP will come out of the image of the party of Hindi speaking states. Secondly, there are 25 Lok Sabha seats in the North East. In the next Lok Sabha elections, if the BJP suffers a slight loss in other states, it will be compensated by the North-East, hence the victory of the BJP in Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya has great significance.

‘Broken hand’ in all three states, how many seats for Congress in which state?

  • Tripura – 03
  • Meghalaya – 05
  • Nagaland – 00

Why was the Congress wiped out in all the three states?

In Tripura, the Congress joined hands with its traditional political enemy the Left Front to counter the BJP, but still the Congress lost its way. In the last election, BJP got 36 seats and Left Front got 16 seats in Tripura. This time the Left Front contested the elections in alliance with the Congress, but this time it got less seats than the last election. In Tripura, Congress got only 3 seats and Left Front got only 11 seats. Nagaland Congress has not been able to win even a single seat. In Nagaland, where Sharad Pawar’s NCP won 7 seats, JDU won 1 seat and Lok Janshakti Party won one seat, the Congress’s account was also not opened there.

What is the biggest reason for the defeat of Congress?

Congress definitely got 5 seats in Meghalaya but Congress had the most hope from Tripura because one it had joined hands with Left Front in Tripura and secondly Congress was hoping that anti-incumbency wave would work in Tripura but nothing like that Happened. The BJP lost four seats, but it benefited Pradyot Deb Burman, who broke away from the Congress and formed a new party. Pradyot’s party Tripura Indigenous Regional Progressive Alliance ie TIPRA became the biggest reason for the defeat of Congress.

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What did Pradyot Deb Burman say for the Gandhi family?

Pradyot himself was the President of Congress in Tripura but left Congress on the issue of NRC. Pradyot was in favor of NRC and said that due to Bangladeshi infiltration, the native tribals of Tripura have become minority, so NRC is necessary. Pradyot left the Congress in 2020 and formed his own party. Pradyot Dev Burman’s party contested a total of 42 seats and won 13 seats while the Congress was reduced to three seats. After the victory, Pradyot Deb Burman said that the intentions of the Gandhi family are good, but they are surrounded by such leaders who do not understand the ground politics and it is impossible to defeat the BJP until the Gandhi family itself descends on the ground.

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