‘If we come to power in 2024, the price of gas cylinder will not exceed Rs 500’

Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh - India TV Hindi

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Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh

New Delhi: Targeting the Modi government over the increase in the price of cooking gas before Holi, the Congress claimed that if it comes to power in 2024, it will not allow the price of a gas cylinder to exceed Rs 500. Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh attacked the Center on Wednesday, saying that the Modi government has become very merciless during the friendly times, LPG 1100 and commercial cylinders beyond 2100, showered lots of love on their friends and the people of the country lamented the price rise.

‘Modi government gave the gift of inflation to the public just before Holi’

Gaurav Vallabh said tauntingly that the Modi government at the Center has given the gift of inflation to the public just before Holi. PM Modi does not want the general public to make something in their kitchen on Holi. They don’t even want to buy from outside. He said that the Modi government also charges 5 percent GST on domestic cylinders, while it charges 18 percent GST on commercial cylinders. Gaurav Vallabh said, “If you buy sweets from outside, it will be expensive because the GST on commercial cylinders is also 18 percent. So Modi ji wants you to neither eat sweets, nor eat salty, nor consume milk, but say Thank you Modi ji.”

‘How did the LPG cylinder which was under 500 in 2014 reach beyond 1100?’

Gaurav Vallabh asked that how did the LPG cylinder which was under 500 in 2014 reach beyond 1100? According to the table made by the Ministry of Petroleum, between 2004-2005 to 2013-2014, the Government of India (Congress) gave subsidy of 2 lakh 14 thousand crores on cylinders. Congress gave 2 lakh 14 thousand crore subsidy in 10 years so that the price of LPG does not go beyond 500. Gaurav said that at that time the prices of the gas which we used to get from outside were higher than today, but we did not let it go beyond Rs.500.

On the other hand, the Modi government has given a subsidy of Rs 36 thousand 500 crore in the last 9 years. The Congress spokesperson said that when the question is asked, they say that the Ujjwala scheme is to fill the cylinder, take gas, but how to get the second cylinder filled under the Ujjwala scheme?

‘If we win in 2024, the cost of a gas cylinder will be Rs 500’

Gaurav Vallabh said that the Congress party’s Gehlot government in Rajasthan is giving gas cylinders for less than Rs.500. Our demand is that the price of cooking gas should be reduced to less than Rs.500 across the country. If this price is more than Rs 500 then it will not be good for GDP growth. On the other hand, when asked that if the Congress wins the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and its government is formed, will the price of domestic cooking gas cylinder be reduced from Rs 500, Gaurav Vallabh said that when we can do this in Rajasthan, then in the country Why won’t you do this? He said, we take a pledge that if our government is formed in 2024, the price of a domestic gas cylinder will not exceed Rs 500.

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