BJP’s big attack on Aam Aadmi Party, ‘Drunk the youth in alcohol for political corruption’

Sudhanshu Trivedi, BJP Spokesperson - India TV Hindi

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Sudhanshu Trivedi, BJP spokesperson

New Delhi : The BJP has made a big attack on the Aam Aadmi Party regarding the liquor scam. Party spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said in a press conference that AAP has drowned a generation and youth in liquor for political corruption. He said – There is such a party in Delhi which had claimed new politics but drowned a generation and youth in liquor for political corruption. He alleged that liquor contracts increased due to this policy of the government. The drinking age was reduced, shops were increased in residential areas and dry days were reduced. Along with this, liquor shops were also opened in schools and residential areas.

Taking a jibe at you, he said that the Education Minister is the Liquor Minister, this is new politics. Dangerous game was played with young generation to earn money. Sudhanshu Trivedi said that the party will run an awareness campaign to make the people of Delhi aware so that the young generation and the citizens of Delhi can understand.

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