World’s most expensive stock Berkshire Hathaway in loss Warren Buffett gave big advice to the government

Berkshire Hathaway is in loss - India TV Paisa
Photo:India TV World’s most expensive stock Berkshire Hathaway in loss

Berkshire Hathaway News: Berkshire Hathaway’s operating income fell during the fourth quarter of 2022. This has caused huge losses to the investors. Rising inflation in America has worsened the condition of companies. Warren Buffett has expressed concern about this and said that the government should pay attention to its policies. on Saturday Warren Buffett issued his annual share letter, which he issues every year to his company. In that letter, complete detail information is given about how the company is going to work in the next year so that it can develop rapidly. It states that Berkshire’s operating profit, or net profit from core operations before tax and interest, was $6.7 billion in the fourth quarter of last year. This is about 8 percent less than the company’s third quarter earnings of $ 7.8 billion.

Investors wait for this letter from Buffett

Investors around the world wait for this letter to be issued by Warren Buffett at the beginning of the year. It was essentially a direct comment to Biden and others who are of the mindset that buying back stocks is harmful to the country, said Steven Check, president of Check Capital Management. In his State of the Union address on February 7, Biden announced quadrupling the tax on stock buybacks. According to a media report, the President has always been a vocal critic of the policy used by companies to return money to shareholders.

Buffett has passed before today’s era

Buffett believes that stock buybacks benefit existing shareholders, and is well aware of the disapproval. For the foreseeable future, Berkshire is always cash and U.S. Treasury bills as well as a wide range of businesses. We will also avoid behavior that could lead to any uncomfortable cash needs at inconvenient times, including financial panic and unprecedented insurance losses. Investors were also anticipating Buffett’s views on rising interest rates and inflation. He has gone through a period when things used to be worse than today and especially the 70s and 80s. When there was recession all over the world and the economic conditions used to be weak.

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