Know the arguments given in the court, due to which remand was given to Sisodia

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CBI gets five days remand of Manish Sisodia

New Delhi: Delhi’s Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia was arrested by the CBI on Sunday after eight hours of questioning. After which today was presented in Rouse Avenue Court on Monday. During the hearing in the court, there was a vigorous debate between the two sides. While the CBI through its arguments was demanding from the court to send Sisodia on remand for 5 days, the three lawyers appearing on behalf of Sisodia were trying to somehow prevent the CBI from getting remand and release them on bail. After hearing the arguments of both the sides, the court sent Manish Sisodia on CBI remand for 5 days.

What arguments did the CBI give?

During the hearing, the lawyer appearing for the CBI said in the court that Manish Sisodia is the minister of Delhi Excise Department but he is not cooperating in the investigation and that is why he has been arrested. The lawyer said that when the new excise policy was being made, Manish Sisodia changed his phones several times and also tried to destroy the evidence. Along with this, he has benefited his close ones with the new liquor policies.

The liquor scam was executed in a very clever way – CBI

Along with this, the lawyer told the court that a note was sent to some private liquor traders before the policy was implemented. The CBI counsel argued that there was a scam in this case and it was executed in a very cunning manner. The lawyer said that during the investigation, when Manish Sisodia was asked why he increased the profit share from 5% to 12% in the new liquor policy, he did not give any answer. CBI said that they need to take Manish Sisodia on remand for further investigation and questioning. The court accepted these arguments of CBI and sent Manish Sisodia on remand for 5 days.

What argument did Manish Sisodia’s lawyers present?

3 lawyers appeared in Rouse Avenue Court to defend Manish Sisodia. All the three lawyers presented their arguments in turn. Manish Sisodia’s lawyer Dayanand Krishnan argued in the court that the new liquor policy was approved by the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi and later he ordered the registration of the case. He said that if Sisodia is not giving the answers that CBI wants to hear, it does not mean that Sisodia is not cooperating in the investigation. He said that the agency has not found anything in his house and office during the investigation. Along with this, he said that Sisodia’s phone is with the CBI only.

Sisodia is fully cooperating in the investigation

At the same time, the other lawyer said that he has every right to defend himself. He said that this case has been filed to take revenge. Along with this, he has appeared on every notice. Since Sisodia is fully cooperating in the investigation, the CBI has no right to seek his remand. He said that the new liquor policy was completely transparent. This policy was in the public domain. There was nothing hidden in it. This policy was approved by the LG itself and now they are conducting an inquiry saying that there was a discrepancy in the matter. The lawyer said that the CBI is seeking remand on the enhancement of profit margin, which was approved by the Lieutenant Governor. He said that it was the LG who had approved the new liquor policy and he had not suggested any change in it.

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