‘I am a Christian but I like and have attachment to Hinduism’ – Justice KM Joseph

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Supreme Court Justice KM Joseph

New Delhi: Supreme Court Justice KM Joseph said on Monday that he is a Christian, but still has attachment to Hinduism. Justice Joseph made the remarks while hearing a PIL seeking setting up of a renaming commission to restore the original names of ancient, cultural and religious places in the country that were renamed by barbaric invaders.

Hinduism is a great religion – Justice KM Joseph

The bench, headed by Justice Joseph, also included Justice B.V. Nagaratna. Justice Joseph said, “I am a Christian, yet I have affection for Hinduism, which is a great religion and should not be degraded. No system has reached the height to which Hinduism has reached and what is mentioned in the Upanishads, the Vedas and the Bhagavad Gita. Hinduism has reached great heights in spiritual knowledge. We should be proud of this great religion and we should not let it down.

We should be proud of our greatness – Justice KM Joseph

He said, “We should be proud of our greatness and our greatness makes us generous. I am trying to read it. You should also read Dr. S. Radhakrishnan’s book on the philosophy of Hinduism. There are many kings in Kerala who donated land for churches and other religious places.” . Justice Joseph said that religious worship has nothing to do with the naming of roads. He said that Mughal Emperor Akbar had tried to create harmony among different communities.

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