This is how investors can track all stocks and mutual funds at one place

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Stocks and mutual funds are a means of investment. Through this people try to make money out of money. On the other hand, keeping in mind the returns, some people invest it in such a place, in which the returns are guaranteed. Do you also want to invest in both stocks and mutual funds and keep an eye on it? No need to download different websites and apps to track it. One can track both very easily at one place.

Live tracking of stocks and mutual funds from this website

It is very easy to track both mutual funds and stocks on a single website. It can be used on both smartphone and desktop versions. For this visit website. Live tracking facility is available on this. Apart from this, here you will be able to track Indices, Futures, Options, Stocks and Mutual Funds in watchlist very easily. Most people make a watchlist for trekking.

Create a watchlist to track stocks and mutual funds

  1. Sign up on the Moneycontrol website to track stocks and mutual funds.
  2. After this, tap on the portfolio and check it once.
  3. Here you will see the option of vote list in the navigation section.
  4. If there is already a stock in the portfolio, then it will be very easy to see it in the watchlist.
  5. You get the facility to add any stock as per your wish on the watchlist page.
  6. Once the stock is added to this website, it can be easily viewed through the app on mobile phone or laptop PC on any device.

You can also take help of these websites

You can also visit website to track both stocks and mutual funds. It has been designed keeping in mind the newcomers. Apart from this, tracking facility is available on website. If you have also invested in stocks and mutual funds, then keep an eye on it. With this, you keep getting information about the advantages and disadvantages. Not only this, you can easily withdraw it in time.

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