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car wiper: Very few people pay attention to car wipers. Actually after winter now summer has started. In this season, the way people pay attention to the body, similarly car care is also necessary. Do you also have problems due to wipers while driving a car? There are many such ways to avoid this, through which the wiper can be saved from getting damaged. Not only this, sometimes due to not changing the blade at the right time, there can also be a problem of wiper wear.

5 Tips To Take Care Of Car Wipers In Summer

  1. Change car wiper blade on time- Rubber and blood are used in car wipers. The only chance the blade can scratch the windshield is as the rubber wears down. Most people do not change it on time even after the wipers are worn out. Actually the blade also has a fixed time. After this, it can even bring scratches in the windshield if it does not work properly. Apart from the car mechanic, you can also buy it from the shop and change it yourself.

  2. Avoid putting too much pressure on the car wiper- While cleaning the car wipers, people accidentally or sometimes people put pressure on them intentionally. This can cause the rubber to stick to the glass, leaving a stain on the windshield. Not only this, due to this there is also a risk of breaking the wiper.
  3. Avoid parking the car in the sun Some people park it in the sun on the side of the road to save on parking fees during the summer season. Due to this, there can be a problem of deterioration due to the drying of the rubber present in the wiper. Apart from this, while cleaning the windshield, it does not clean properly due to the release of water and dust in between.
  4. Get the wiper repaired If the wiper of the vehicle wears out, get it rectified soon. In the summer season, due to the dust coming on the glass, many times the cars coming from the front are not visible. Some people repeatedly stop the car and clean the glasses. Due to this many types of problems can occur. That’s why at the beginning of the season, get the wiper repaired.
  5. Clean windshield It is common for steam and dust to build up on the windshield, especially in the summer season. On the other hand, if you are driving a car at night, then special attention needs to be paid to it. Clean the windshield once before starting the car. Replace the wipers after they wear out. Some people ignore it. Accidents can also happen if you take out your hand while driving and clean it with a cloth.

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