What did Meghalaya’s BJP president say – I also eat beef and “nobody can stop” us

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Meghalaya BJP State President

Meghalaya Assembly Elections: There is election in Meghalaya on Monday and before that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) state president Ernest Mowry has given a big statement. Mowry said on Thursday that there is no ban on eating beef in the state and he also consumes it. Mowry said that I also eat beef and no one can stop us from eating it, it is a part of our culture. Eating beef is part of our lifestyle, which “no one can stop.”

Mowry said that “I cannot comment on the resolution adopted by other states. We are from Meghalaya and here everyone eats beef, and there is no restriction on eating it. Yes, I also eat beef. There are no restrictions in Meghalaya. It is the lifestyle of the people and no one can stop it.” There is no such rule in India also. Some states have passed some Acts. In Meghalaya, we have an abattoir where everyone eats beef and gets it from the market. There is nothing wrong in eating beef, it is part of the habit of the people here.’Ma

Mowry has claimed that this time the BJP will win the Meghalaya assembly elections. Mowry denied the allegation of the Bharatiya Janata Party being anti-Christian and termed it as “political propaganda”. “No church has been attacked or targeted in the country in the nine years of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government,” he claimed, claiming that states like Goa, Nagaland are proof of this. That BJP is not anti-Christian. “I am also a Christian and they never forbade me to go to church…”

“This time the people of Meghalaya want a change. According to our survey, we will get the magic number in double digits and form the government. Let us tell you that BJP had won only two seats in the 2018 assembly elections. This time there will be voting for the assembly elections in the state on Monday.

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