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Photo: CANVA What did you know about this voice operated smartwatch, know here

After the revolution in technology, we keep seeing new experiments, where efforts to make our daily life easier are included in these experiments. At the same time, in today’s era, smartwatch has rapidly made its place among the people, which has now become an important part of our daily life. On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a smartwatch at this time and want to own a smartwatch equipped with cool features in a low budget, then you are at the right place. Today we are going to give you important information about the voice-operated Fire Boltt Wonder Watch smartwatch.

This is the price of Fire Boltt Wonder Watch, will fit in the budget

Although the price of Fire Boltt Wonder AI Voice Assistant Smartwatch is Rs 11,999, but currently it is available in Flipkart with 79% discount. Where at present its price has been kept at Rs 2499, along with this, if you pay with Flipkart Axis Bank Card, then you will also get 5% cashback.

What is special about Fire Boltt Wonder Watch

Let us know that Fire Boltt Wonder Watch comes with IP67 rating. At the same time, AI voice assistant has been given in it. Through which it can be controlled by speaking, as well as inbuilt calculator is also present in it. Talking about other special features of Fire Boltt Wonder Watch, through this you can monitor from heart rate to blood-oxygen level.

These features are also present in Fire Boltt Wonder Watch

Fire Boltt Wonder Watch has a 1.8-inch LCD display with 240×286 pixel resolution. Along with this, Bluetooth calling function has also been provided in it, through which you can dial numbers directly from the watch, as well as receive calls through it. On the other hand, talking about the battery, the company claims that it will give a backup of 5 days on full charge.

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