Drunk youth urinated on the girl sitting in the bus

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Drunk man urinated on girl

Karnataka: After the flight, now a young man in the bus has done a shameful incident. A 32-year-old man urinated on the seat of a female co-passenger on Tuesday when a bus going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru stopped near Hubli in the night. The bus number is KA-19F-3554 which was going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru. Let us tell you that earlier on November 26 last year, a male passenger allegedly urinated on a female co-passenger in the business class of New York-New Delhi Air India flight.

The bus stopped at the dhaba, the young man urinated on the seat itself

Now such an incident has happened in a bus. Galesh Yadav, a co-passenger of the woman in the bus, told that when the bus had stopped to eat food at a ‘dhaba’ in Kirresur near Hubli, a man of about 32 years urinated on the seat on which the woman of about 20 years was sitting. A woman was sitting. Seeing him doing this, when the woman screamed, co-passengers and the bus crew rushed to her aid and confronted the youth, who was in an inebriated condition. He also misbehaved with co-passengers and the bus crew. He was very drunk. Passengers forcefully asked him to get off the bus.”

A KSRTC official said, “Since the woman passenger refused to lodge any complaint against the youth, the crew did not get him off the bus as he was in an inebriated state.” Rajesh Shetty, Senior Divisional Controller, KSRTC, Mangaluru said that they had received information about the incident from the passengers and the bus crew. “Since the woman passenger refused to lodge a complaint with us or the police, the crew did not deboard the youth,” he added.

Passengers created ruckus after the incident

Some passengers said that the girl was sitting on seat number 3 and was traveling from Vijayapura to Hubli, while the man was sitting on seat number 28-29. A co-passenger said, “He said he was a mechanical engineer and was going from Vijayapura to Mangaluru.” Another co-passenger said, “The bus crew immediately cleaned the bag and seat and ensured the safety of the woman passenger, who was in a state of shock after the incident.”

According to Shetty, apart from the culprit, no one was present in the bus (pictured) when the incident took place after the vehicle stopped at a ‘dhaba’ on the way. Shetty said, “When the woman passenger returned to the bus, she saw a youth urinating on her seat. She immediately informed the crew, who forced the culprit to get down.”

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