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Coronavirus capable of invading brain: study

Headaches, confusion, and delirium experienced by some covid -19 patients could be the result of the coronavirus directly invading the brain, according to a study published Wednesday.

The research is still preliminary-but offers several new lines of evidence to support what was previously a largely unit according to the paper, which was led by Yale immunologist Akkiko Iwasaki, the virus is able to replicate inside the brain, and its presence starves nearby brain cells of oxygen, though the prevalence of this is not yet clear. S Andrew Josephson , chair of the neurology department at the techniques used in the study and said “understanding whether or not there is direct viral involvement of the brain is extraordinarily important.”but he added that he would remain cautious until the paper underwent peer be completely shocking if SARS-COV-2 is capable of breaching the blood -brain -barrier, a structure which surrounds the brain’s blood vesselsand tries to block foreign substances.

Zika virus, for instance, also does this- leading to significant damage to the brains of fetuses. but doctors had believed until now that the neurological impacts seen in about half of all patients could instead be the result of all patients could instead be the result of all patients could instead be the result of an abnormal immune response known as cytokine storm that causes inflammation of the brain- rather than the virus invading directly.Iwasaki and colleagues decided to approach the question in three ways: by infecting lab-grow mini-brains known as brain organoids, by infecting mice, and by examining the tissues of covid-19 patients who had died. in the brain organoids, the team found that the SARS-CO-2 virusis able to infect neurons cell’s machinery to make copies of itself. infected cells in turn promoted the death of surrounding cells by choking their oxygen supply. one of the main arguments against the theory of direct brain invasion had been that the brain invasion had been that the brainlacks high levelsof a proteins called ACE2 that coronaviruslatches on to and which foubd in abundance in other organs like lungs.

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